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CLUBHACK Registration is ON

Dear Friends,

India’s OWN, ONLY and ONE of its kind international hackers’ convention on 5th, 6th and 7th December 2009 in Pune.

you want to attend ClubHACK  Hacking event    

so please do not waste your valuable time 
registration is 1 click away from you...
To register for the event, please visit http://ayojak.com/event/clubhack2009.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CLUBHACK....... is back !!!!!

ClubHack is back!
India's own International Hacker's Convention is back with its 3rd version with the aim to enable the dissemination, discussion and sharing of deep knowledge in the field of information security and cyber crime investigation.

What: ClubHack 2009, a meeting place for hackers, security professionals, law enforcement agencies, students and all other security enthusiats.
When: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December, 2009
Where: ICC or Estique
Registration: Opens in October, 2009.

Founder: Rohit Srivastwa

Rohit Srivastwa is a well known security evangelist. He has an expertise in cyber crime investigation and IT infrastructure management. Rohit is actively involved advising several military agencies, law enforcement personnel, media, corporate and Government bodies in these fields. Along with assisting these organizations solving there cases, Rohit is also involved in teaching the related subjects to them. Rohit has trained the police departments of Pune, Mauritius and Malaysia. Rohit Srivastwa is also the founder of ClubHack, a member driven community to spread the security awareness. As his last assignment Rohit was Director Technology at Commonwealth Games Pune (2008) where he delivered the complete technology of games and managed everything which comes under the umbrella of technology.
Currently he is Director Technology and Network Operations for Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in year 2010.

ClubHack, India's Own Hacker's Convention enters its 3rd version on the 5th and 6th of December, 2009. Previously, it was held successfully in December 2007 and 2008.

ClubHack 2009: Call for Papers
SUBMISSION: ClubHack2009 is expecting a good deep knowledge technical presentations/demonstrations on topics from the world of Information Security. These presentations are expected to be of 40 minutes each. The schedule time for each presenter would be 50 minutes out of which 40 minutes are for the presentation & 10 for the question-answer sessions. We'd request you to submit the papers keeping the time constraint in mind.

The following list is made keeping in mind the most interesting topics in hacking & security. This is more of an indicative list, the papers submission can be on other topics also but have to be close to this & the theme of the event.

# Protocol / Application based vulnerability in networks and computers
# Firewall Evasion techniques
# Intrusion detection/prevention
# SPAM fighting
# Data Recovery and Incident Response
# Mobile Security (cellular technologies)
# Virus and Worms
# WLAN and Bluetooth Security
# Analysis of malicious code
# Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
# Computer forensics
# File system security
# Secure coding & code analysis
# Hardware modification
# Patch writing for vulnerabilities
# Open source hacking toolkit
# Cyber Crime & law

Opening: 15th August 2009
Closing: 15th October 2009

For more information, check out

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Install Skype Fedora 11

Installing Skype on Fedora is a pain in the neck. And making the sound work on skype is a bigger pain! After migrating from Ubuntu to Fedora, things have become really difficult! In this post, I explain (thanks to mdim, a user on fedoraforum.org) how to install Skype on Fedora 11.

The first few steps are a copy paste of what mdim wrote on the forum:

Step 1:
Login as root in the terminal

su -

And provide your root password.

Step 2:
Download the libsigc++20-2.0.17-1.i386.rpm package:

wget http://fedora.osmirror.nl/extras/5/i386/libsigc++20-2.0.17-1.i386.rpm

Step 3:
Run the command:

rpm2cpio *.rpm | cpio -idmv

Step 4:
Create directory /opt/libs32/ if you don’t have it yet:

mkdir /opt/libs32

Step 5:
Copy libsigc-2.0.so.0 and libsigc-2.0.so.0.0.0 to /opt/libs32/ directory:

cp ./usr/lib/libsigc-2.0.so.0 /opt/libs32/cp ./usr/lib/libsigc-2.0.so.0.0.0 /opt/libs32/

Step 6:
Install everything that has anything to do with Qt4:

yum install qt4*

Step 7:
Download the skype- rpm package from
http://www.skype.com/intl/en/downloa…/linux/choose/and enter command in terminal:

rpm -i --force --nodeps skype-

Step 8:
Now give the path to those libraries:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/libs32/"

Step 9:
Now you can run skype by typing:


In some cases, there is this error which is encountered on the last step (Step 9).

warning: skype- Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID d66b746e

And when Skype is executed, another error is encountered:

skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

For this, you would require the file libXss.so.1

Step 10:
Enter the following command in the terminal and then start skype.
yum install libXss.so.1

Thanx to mdim & http://xpl0it.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

INDIA rise to top in ICC rankings

South Africa's defeat in their Champions Trophy opener has propelled second-placed India to the top of the ICC's one-day rankings.

India, scheduled to play their opening match of the Champions Trophy on September 26 against Pakistan, have 126 ratings points.

South Africa slumped to the third spot after losing last night to Sri Lanka.

South Africa's loss also helped Australia, which gained a place to be second with 125 ratings points.

Sri Lanka occupy the fourth spot, while Pakistan are in the fifth position.

The ICC rankings are set for more changes in the next few days as the Champions Trophy continues.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

"लाज वाटते...लाज वाटते मराठी म्हणुन जन्मल्याची लाज वाटते."

लाज वाटते...लाज वाटते मराठी म्हणुन जन्मल्याची लाज वाटते...फ़ुटक्या कवडीची किम्मत नसलेला...मी...मी मराठी माणुस...अटकेपार झेंडे लावले...ते फ़ाटुन आता दांडके उरलेत दांडके...दांडके जे आमच्याच ढुंगणावर वापरले जातयेत..
साला आम्ही खेकडे...आम्ही गांडुळ...अरे पण खेकड्याला मासळीबाजारात किम्मत आहे...गांडुळखताला आज मागणी आहे...पण मराठी माणसाला कशाचीसुद्धा किम्मत नाही....
छे छे...ही तुमची ऐपत नाय...तो तुमचा घास नाय...तुम्ही डाऊन मार्केट...तुम्ही मीन माईंडेड...तुमची प्रोपर मुंबईत रहायची लायकी नाही...
साला मराठी माणुस रोगापेक्शा धसक्यानेच मरतो...धसका पोरानं राडा केल्याचा...धसका पोरी पंजाब्याबरोबर पळुन गेल्याचा...धसका गावाकडची जमीन चुलत्यानं गिळल्याचा....धसका मुंबई महाराष्ट्रापासुन तुटण्याचा....धसका भूतकाळाचा....वर्तमानकाळाचा आणि भविष्याचा...
शूर आम्ही सरदार आम्हाला काय कुणाची भिती काय...?? अरे आम्हाला तर सगळ्यांचीच भिती....
मराठी पाऊल पडते पुढे...अरे हट्ट्ट....मराठी पाऊल पडतच आहे कुठे...अरे मुळात..मराठी पाऊल ऊरलच आहे कुठे...???

Sunday, June 21, 2009

सुंदर कविता ..........

आयुष्य खूप सुंदर आहे,
सोबत कुणी नसलं तरी,
एकट्यानेच ते फुलवत रहा,
वादळात सगळं वाहून गेल,
म्हणुन रडत बसू नका,
वेगळ अस काही, माझ्यात खास नाही असं म्हणून उदास होऊ नका
मृगाकडे कस्तुरी आहे,
फुलात गंध आहे,
सागराकडे अथांगता आहे,
माझ्याकडे काय आहे,
असं म्हणून रडू नका,
अंधाराला जाळणरा एक सूर्य तुमच्यातही लपला आहे.
आव्हाहन करा त्या सूर्याला!!!!! मग उगवेल तो तुमच्या आयुष्यात नवीन क्षितिज घेऊन.
अंधारामय रात्र संपवून सोनेरी किरणांनी सजून
मग रोजच उगवेल एक नवी सकाळ,
उत्साह ध्येयाने भारुन म्हणून म्हणते.........आयुष्य खूप सुंदर आहे,
सोबत कुणी नसल तरीएकट्यानेच ते फुलवत रहा"................

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What IS NetBEUI...........?

DEFINITION - NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface) is a new, extended version of NetBIOS, the program that lets computers communicate within a local area network. NetBEUI (pronounced net-BOO-ee) formalizes the frame format (or arrangement of information in a data transmission) that was not specified as part of NetBIOS. NetBEUI was developed by IBM for its LAN Manager product and has been adopted by Microsoft for its Windows NT, LAN Manager, and Windows for Workgroups products. Hewlett-Packard and DEC use it in comparable products.

NetBEUI is the best performance choice for communication within a single LAN. Because, like NetBIOS, it does not support the routing of messages to other networks, its interface must be adapted to other protocols such as Internetwork Packet Exchange or TCP/IP. A recommended method is to install both NetBEUI and TCP/IP in each computer and set the server up to use NetBEUI for communication within the LAN and TCP/IP for communication beyond the LAN.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tips for Safe Browsing

When browsing the internet, it is good to practice safe browsing. Here are some steps to help safeguard against those who will do evil with sensitive information.

1. Do not give full names out to unknown or untrusted people.
2. Do not give credit card numbers out unless the person or organization that is getting the information is trusted.
3. Do not give out social security numbers. Be very careful what information is given out in chat rooms and e-mails. Do not give phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other sensitive information out.
4. Be wary of people met online. Do not believe everything they say.
5. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
6. If you're logging into a web page that requires a user name and password or any other sensitive information, make sure that web pages is the right page. For example if the link to PayPal looks like www.paypa1.com (notice the "1" [one] instead of the "l" [letter L]) you'd know it's a bad link because it's not www.paypal.com, the legitimate site. In many cases false pages are crafted to look exactly like the legitimate ones. This is a common scam. Many times the links will come in your e-mail with a message threatening that the account will be shut down, or something of that nature. Be wary of such links in e-mail.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Super DriveLock Basic Kit

eSATA Connection to your PC or NoteBook!
The Super DriveLock is the only blocker in the market today that prevents accidental writes to Hard Drives combining so many interfaces in one single device.As stand alone or in-Bay, the Super DriveLock supports IDE 133 drives, SATA II drives with 3Gbit/sec, SCSI drives with 320 MB/sec, and USB 2.0 storage with 480 Mbit/sec.


.: Multi Media Write-Protect Support: Built-in USB 2.0, P-ATA, S-ATA and SCSI interfaces provides native write protect support for USB, P-ATA, S-ATA, and SCSI devices. Supports SCSI interfaces such as Ultra-160 and Ultra-320, including SCSI Narrow (50-pin), SCSI Wide (68-pin) and SCSI-SCA80 (80-pin). Supports 3.3v devices.

.: High Speed Operation: Transfer rates can exceed 3.5GB/min

.: Multiple O/S Host Support: Supports Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Linux.

.: Upgradable Firmware: The unit's firmware can be easily upgraded using the PC's interface.

.: Multiple Host Interface Support: Unit can be connected to the PC or Notebook using multiple interfaces such as native S-ata port, eSATA controllers, eSATA CardBus adapters.

.: Portable: Can be used as a portable device or mounted in a PC available drive bay.

.: HPA/DCO Support: Detects HPA and DCO areas

.: 3.3v Device Support: Provides output for devices which require 3.3v for operation.

.: Status leds: 4 leds; IDE drive detected, SATA drive detected, SCSI drive detected, USB device detected

Optional Hardware

.: eSATA PCI Controller Card: Provides a “hot swap” eSATA interface to connect the Super DriveLock with the PC. Installs in a PC’s available PCI Slot.
.: eSATA PCI-EXP Controller Card:Provides a “hot swap” eSATA interface to connect the Super DriveLock with the PC. Installs in a PC’s available Express Slot.
.: Power Supply + USB to SATA Adapters:The Power Supply provides external power for the Super DriveLock device, allowing the SDL to be used as a portable device. The USB to SATA adpater can used to connect the SDL to the PC or Notebook using the USB interface.
.: Super DriveLock Hard Case:Provides a portable carry case for the Super DriveLock device.


Super DriveLock Basic Kit:
Each Basic Unit Kit includes:
(1) Super DriveLock Unit
(1) External USB Device Data Cable
(1) S-ATA Data/Power Cable
(1) 8" P-ATA /SCSI Power Cable
(1) 6" S-ATA 3.3v/5v Power Cable
(1) 6" S-ATA Dta Cable
(1) 6" SCSI Data Cable
(1) SCSI Terminator
(1) 5" P-ATA Data Cable
(1) eSATA to S-ATA Data Cable
(1) USB A to A F/W Upgrade Data Cable
(1) eSATA to eSATA Data Cable
(1) 36" P-ATA/SCSI Power Cable
(1) SCSI Narrow Adapter
(1) SCSI SCA80 Adapter
(1) 18" P-ATA Data Cable
Warrany Documents


.: SATA Devices: SATA 150 or SATA 300 hard disk devices
.: IDE Devices: Supports the USB 2.0 or FireWire 1394B specifications for High Speed operation.
.: Hot Swap Capability: Parallel ATA hard disk devices with LBA ( Logical Block Addressing) support
.: SCSI Devices: From SCSI-1 to Ultra-320 with connection: Narrow (50P), Wide (68P), SCA80 (80P)
.: USB Devices: High speed 2.0 or USB 1.1
.: Host Interface: SATA, USB 2.0
.: Host O/S: Windows XP, 2000/VISTA, Macintosh OS, Solaris, Linux

DriveLock supports IDE 133 drives, SATA II drives with 3Gbit/sec, SCSI drives with 320 MB/sec, and USB 2.0 storage with 480 Mbit/sec.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Learn To Connect PPPoE Networks

PPPoE or Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet, is a specification that enables multiple users on an Ethernet LAN (local area network) to connect to various devices. It is often used in offices where users share a single DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), a cable model or a wireless connection to the web. PPPoE is a combination of Point-to-Point Protocol, a method mostly used for dial-up connections, and Ethernet Protocol, a method commonly used by multiple users in a LAN. It functions by encapsulating the PPP data into the Ethernet frame. PPPoE has an advantage that cannot be provided by neither an ISP or telephone company. In contrast to dial-up connections, DSL and cable modems are always connected to the internet. Being that a large number of users may need to share the same connection to a remote service provider, there needs to be a way to track how traffic is directed and which users should be billed. PPPoE is the protocol that enables the sessions from a remote-user site to determine each other’s network address. After a session has been established between the remote site and an individual user, it can then be monitored for billing accuracy. Several apartment complexes, corporations and hotels are currently providing shared internet access over DSL lines using PPPoE.

How to create a PPPoE connection in Windows XP

You can install the PPPoE client just like you install any other dial-up networking connection. To create a PPPoE client connection, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network and Internet Connections.
  2. Click Network Connections, and then click Create a new connection in the Network Tasks pane.
  3. After the Network Connection Wizard starts, click Next.
  4. Click Connect to the Internet, and then click Next.
  5. Click Set up my connection manually, and then click Next.
  6. Click either Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password or Connect using a broadband connection that is always on.
  7. Type the Internet service provider (ISP) name that your ISP provided, and then click Next.
  8. Type the user name that the ISP provided.
  9. Type the password that the ISP provided.
  10. Type the password one more time to confirm it, and then click Next.
  11. Click Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.
  12. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

MCSE MCSA 70-272 Pass for sure software

MCSE Interview Questions and Answers :-

This section consist of complete MCSE MCSA 70-272 Pass for sure software

Rules to Download and use this software
Dowload Tips

1)Always donate for person who has made this site :-) Kidding
2)Download Winrar as the download file is in winrar
3)While you click this link its will go to the shared site so please register with that site as the site for download is absolute free.
4)After Downloading extract the file with Winrar
5)The Video are in WMV format so use any player and if you don't find any player download VLC players.Its also free of cost.

Download - MCSE MCSA 70-272 Pass for sure software

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Most Viewed ZooZoo TV Ads Vodafone Zoozoos

How Zoozoo characters are made?

No, they aren’t animated characters. They are human beings who were made to wear body suits. “The design of the characters is such that one gets fooled into thinking it is animation,” shrugs Rao, which was indeed the very illusion that had to be created. “In a sense, it is ‘live’ animation!” he quips, referring to the fact that it was all shot live.

Prakash Varma, ad filmmaker, Nirvana Films, has directed the commercials, and reveals that the Zoozoos were a big challenge to create. The practical aspects of how they will move, talk, gesticulate and emote were very important. Essentially, costume design and artwork were crucial elements.

“It took me three weeks of pre-production to understand how it will work,” says Varma. There were two fabrics that were considered for the body suits, and one was rejected for it had too many wrinkles and was shiny. The wrinkles would have shown when the characters moved, thereby shattering the illusion of animation. “So we chose the more practical, thicker fabric,” Varma explains.

The production team divided the outfit into two parts: the body and the head. The body part of the outfit was stuffed with foam in some places, while the head was attached separately. To make it look bigger than a human head, a harder material called Perspex was used, which in turn was stuffed with foam (with scope for ventilation).

If one wishes to understand the size of this head, here’s a fact: a human head would typically reach up to the mouth level of this giant Zoozoo head. “We kept the hands and legs thin, which is why we cast women – and occasionally children – wearing the costumes,” says Varma. The thin limbs, contrasted with big bellies and a bulbous head, all add to the illusion that these creatures are ‘smaller’ than humans. Sets were created to suit the size of the Zoozoos.
Concept Note: Zoozoos are not animated characters. They are human beings who were made to wear body suits. The films were shot by Nirvana in Cape Town, South Africa.

CLICK here to see video

This video is contains a combination of all Vodafone Zoozoo men snippets that were specifically targeted for the Indian Premier League crowd.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 now available

Looks like Apple's just released iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5, a little over one week after its last revision. That's about half the time they've put between the previous updates -- seems the boys in Cupertino are really starting to churn these things out. You know the drill by now, don't know yet what the update entails, but we'll tell you when we find out. Oh, and just like last time, it appears iTunes 8.2 is required.

onfirm that MMS "support" can no longer be turned on in Settings (in quotes because we could never get it working in previous betas anyhow), and hearing that trickery that allowed tethering to be enabled with the previous iTunes 8.2 build has been patched. Aww, you're no fun, Apple...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

All about the Super Over

1. Subject to weather conditions the Super Over will take place on the scheduled day of the match at a time to be determined by the IPL Match Referee. In normal circumstances it shall commence 5 minutes after the conclusion of the match.

2. The Super Over will take place on the pitch allocated for the match (the designated pitch) unless otherwise determined by the umpires in consultation with the ground authority and the IPL Match Referee.

3. Each team elects three batsmen and one bowler prior to the commencement of the Super Over.

4. The nominated players are given in writing to the IPL Match Referee using a standard form.

5. The umpires shall stand at the same end as that in which they finished the match.

6. The umpires shall choose which end to bowl and both teams will bowl from the same end.

7. Each team’s over is played with the same fielding restrictions as those that are in place for the last over of a normal match.

8. The team batting second in the match will bat first in the Super Over.

9. The same ball (or a ball of a similar age if the original ball is out of shape) as used at the end of the team’s innings shall be used for the Super Over.

10. The loss of two wickets in the Super Over ends the team’s Super Over innings.

11. The team scoring the most runs in the Super Over shall be declared the winner. In the event of the team’s having the same score after the Super Over has been completed, the team that hit the most number of sixes combined from its innings in the main match and in the Super Over shall be the winner.

12. If the number of sixes hit by both teams is equal, the team that hit the most number of boundaries (fours and sixes) from its innings in the main match and in the Super Over will be declared the winner.

T20 is not Mickey Mouse cricket, says Gilchrist

DURBAN: Wicket keepers Brendon McCullum and MS Dhoni have emerged amongst the most explosive Twenty20 batsmen in the world, it was Adam Gilchrist who was responsible for changing the role of the wicket-keeper forever. When he gets going, his upper cuts over third man, his slashes through point and smashing pulls over midwicket are all epitome of raw power and timing. All this and he's a pretty good keeper too.

In an exclusive interview with iplt20.com, Deccan Chargers captain Gilchrist spoke his heart out about Twenty20 cricket and his team’s performance so far.

On Twenty20 cricket: It is a skillful game. Twenty20 is not Mickey Mouse cricket. It requires quick thinking and one bad decision can turn the match. So, the challenge is to come up with new things and innovative idea on the field. Twenty20 is like a game of poker who ever blinks first loses.

I don’t put pressure on myself: Duminy

DURBAN: Coming from a humble background in Cape Town, Jean-Paul Duminy is the bold new face of South African cricket. Identified early as a future batting star, the 25-year-old Mumbai Indians batsman has modelled himself on Herschelle Gibbs and like his idol, he too wears a diamond ear stud.

In an exclusive chat with iplt20.com, the left-hander spoke about his life, cricket and IPL.

Your journey from Test success to T20s…

It has been good. I played well in T20s in Australia. Playing in the IPL will be good preparation for the coming ICC World Twenty20.

You are in good form. Does that put you under pressure in IPL?

I expect to play well. I am well experienced with the local conditions and will have to play a pivotal role, but I don’t want to pressure myself. I look at it as just another game of cricket.

How has the IPL experience been so far?

It has been an amazing experience for me. It has been just a few days and I am enjoying every bit of it. We are coming together as a team. The guys are looking forward to the next game.

Has Shaun Pollock and Jonty Rhodes’ presence helped Mumbai Indians?

We are fortunate to have Shaun Pollock and Jonty Rhodes in the coaching staff. They have played the game at the highest level and have a good understanding about what it takes to be a champion team. With their knowledge about the local conditions and pitches, the duo is playing an important role forming team strategies.

Sachin Tendulkar batted through the innings against Chennai. Is that a strategy?

The strategy is that Sachin Tendulkar will play the anchor role and the other guys will play around him. He is an experienced campaigner and reads the game very well.

Did you get a chance to speak to Tendulkar?

Yes, I did. But I am looking forward to talk to him about my game. He is such a legend. I would be lying if I say I am not awe of him. He is a great guy and very approachable.

You will play against your role model Herschelle Gibbs on Saturday. What are your thoughts?

Gibbs was one of my heroes when I was growing up. It will be interesting playing against him. He is a brilliant cricketer, I have idolised him all my life.

One bowler whom you are looking forward to play against?

Dale Steyn. He pushes me a little at the nets. It will be a good contest playing against him when we meet Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Solution for Genric Host 32 Error

i encountered this problem a few weeks later after this error my net connection get lost ......if its happen with you.... so i can help you to solve it up…
this is what i did…
1. click start>run>type in “cmd” *without the qoute
2. in the command line type in netsh press enter
3. then type in winsock press enter
4. and lastly type in resset press enter
5. reboot  pc

this will reset your windows catalog…

 it’ll work 100%!!!

another trick is 


go to this link download the .EXE file install it................