Sunday, June 21, 2009

सुंदर कविता ..........

आयुष्य खूप सुंदर आहे,
सोबत कुणी नसलं तरी,
एकट्यानेच ते फुलवत रहा,
वादळात सगळं वाहून गेल,
म्हणुन रडत बसू नका,
वेगळ अस काही, माझ्यात खास नाही असं म्हणून उदास होऊ नका
मृगाकडे कस्तुरी आहे,
फुलात गंध आहे,
सागराकडे अथांगता आहे,
माझ्याकडे काय आहे,
असं म्हणून रडू नका,
अंधाराला जाळणरा एक सूर्य तुमच्यातही लपला आहे.
आव्हाहन करा त्या सूर्याला!!!!! मग उगवेल तो तुमच्या आयुष्यात नवीन क्षितिज घेऊन.
अंधारामय रात्र संपवून सोनेरी किरणांनी सजून
मग रोजच उगवेल एक नवी सकाळ,
उत्साह ध्येयाने भारुन म्हणून म्हणते.........आयुष्य खूप सुंदर आहे,
सोबत कुणी नसल तरीएकट्यानेच ते फुलवत रहा"................

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What IS NetBEUI...........?

DEFINITION - NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface) is a new, extended version of NetBIOS, the program that lets computers communicate within a local area network. NetBEUI (pronounced net-BOO-ee) formalizes the frame format (or arrangement of information in a data transmission) that was not specified as part of NetBIOS. NetBEUI was developed by IBM for its LAN Manager product and has been adopted by Microsoft for its Windows NT, LAN Manager, and Windows for Workgroups products. Hewlett-Packard and DEC use it in comparable products.

NetBEUI is the best performance choice for communication within a single LAN. Because, like NetBIOS, it does not support the routing of messages to other networks, its interface must be adapted to other protocols such as Internetwork Packet Exchange or TCP/IP. A recommended method is to install both NetBEUI and TCP/IP in each computer and set the server up to use NetBEUI for communication within the LAN and TCP/IP for communication beyond the LAN.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tips for Safe Browsing

When browsing the internet, it is good to practice safe browsing. Here are some steps to help safeguard against those who will do evil with sensitive information.

1. Do not give full names out to unknown or untrusted people.
2. Do not give credit card numbers out unless the person or organization that is getting the information is trusted.
3. Do not give out social security numbers. Be very careful what information is given out in chat rooms and e-mails. Do not give phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers or any other sensitive information out.
4. Be wary of people met online. Do not believe everything they say.
5. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
6. If you're logging into a web page that requires a user name and password or any other sensitive information, make sure that web pages is the right page. For example if the link to PayPal looks like (notice the "1" [one] instead of the "l" [letter L]) you'd know it's a bad link because it's not, the legitimate site. In many cases false pages are crafted to look exactly like the legitimate ones. This is a common scam. Many times the links will come in your e-mail with a message threatening that the account will be shut down, or something of that nature. Be wary of such links in e-mail.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Super DriveLock Basic Kit

eSATA Connection to your PC or NoteBook!
The Super DriveLock is the only blocker in the market today that prevents accidental writes to Hard Drives combining so many interfaces in one single device.As stand alone or in-Bay, the Super DriveLock supports IDE 133 drives, SATA II drives with 3Gbit/sec, SCSI drives with 320 MB/sec, and USB 2.0 storage with 480 Mbit/sec.


.: Multi Media Write-Protect Support: Built-in USB 2.0, P-ATA, S-ATA and SCSI interfaces provides native write protect support for USB, P-ATA, S-ATA, and SCSI devices. Supports SCSI interfaces such as Ultra-160 and Ultra-320, including SCSI Narrow (50-pin), SCSI Wide (68-pin) and SCSI-SCA80 (80-pin). Supports 3.3v devices.

.: High Speed Operation: Transfer rates can exceed 3.5GB/min

.: Multiple O/S Host Support: Supports Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Linux.

.: Upgradable Firmware: The unit's firmware can be easily upgraded using the PC's interface.

.: Multiple Host Interface Support: Unit can be connected to the PC or Notebook using multiple interfaces such as native S-ata port, eSATA controllers, eSATA CardBus adapters.

.: Portable: Can be used as a portable device or mounted in a PC available drive bay.

.: HPA/DCO Support: Detects HPA and DCO areas

.: 3.3v Device Support: Provides output for devices which require 3.3v for operation.

.: Status leds: 4 leds; IDE drive detected, SATA drive detected, SCSI drive detected, USB device detected

Optional Hardware

.: eSATA PCI Controller Card: Provides a “hot swap” eSATA interface to connect the Super DriveLock with the PC. Installs in a PC’s available PCI Slot.
.: eSATA PCI-EXP Controller Card:Provides a “hot swap” eSATA interface to connect the Super DriveLock with the PC. Installs in a PC’s available Express Slot.
.: Power Supply + USB to SATA Adapters:The Power Supply provides external power for the Super DriveLock device, allowing the SDL to be used as a portable device. The USB to SATA adpater can used to connect the SDL to the PC or Notebook using the USB interface.
.: Super DriveLock Hard Case:Provides a portable carry case for the Super DriveLock device.


Super DriveLock Basic Kit:
Each Basic Unit Kit includes:
(1) Super DriveLock Unit
(1) External USB Device Data Cable
(1) S-ATA Data/Power Cable
(1) 8" P-ATA /SCSI Power Cable
(1) 6" S-ATA 3.3v/5v Power Cable
(1) 6" S-ATA Dta Cable
(1) 6" SCSI Data Cable
(1) SCSI Terminator
(1) 5" P-ATA Data Cable
(1) eSATA to S-ATA Data Cable
(1) USB A to A F/W Upgrade Data Cable
(1) eSATA to eSATA Data Cable
(1) 36" P-ATA/SCSI Power Cable
(1) SCSI Narrow Adapter
(1) SCSI SCA80 Adapter
(1) 18" P-ATA Data Cable
Warrany Documents


.: SATA Devices: SATA 150 or SATA 300 hard disk devices
.: IDE Devices: Supports the USB 2.0 or FireWire 1394B specifications for High Speed operation.
.: Hot Swap Capability: Parallel ATA hard disk devices with LBA ( Logical Block Addressing) support
.: SCSI Devices: From SCSI-1 to Ultra-320 with connection: Narrow (50P), Wide (68P), SCA80 (80P)
.: USB Devices: High speed 2.0 or USB 1.1
.: Host Interface: SATA, USB 2.0
.: Host O/S: Windows XP, 2000/VISTA, Macintosh OS, Solaris, Linux

DriveLock supports IDE 133 drives, SATA II drives with 3Gbit/sec, SCSI drives with 320 MB/sec, and USB 2.0 storage with 480 Mbit/sec.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Learn To Connect PPPoE Networks

PPPoE or Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet, is a specification that enables multiple users on an Ethernet LAN (local area network) to connect to various devices. It is often used in offices where users share a single DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), a cable model or a wireless connection to the web. PPPoE is a combination of Point-to-Point Protocol, a method mostly used for dial-up connections, and Ethernet Protocol, a method commonly used by multiple users in a LAN. It functions by encapsulating the PPP data into the Ethernet frame. PPPoE has an advantage that cannot be provided by neither an ISP or telephone company. In contrast to dial-up connections, DSL and cable modems are always connected to the internet. Being that a large number of users may need to share the same connection to a remote service provider, there needs to be a way to track how traffic is directed and which users should be billed. PPPoE is the protocol that enables the sessions from a remote-user site to determine each other’s network address. After a session has been established between the remote site and an individual user, it can then be monitored for billing accuracy. Several apartment complexes, corporations and hotels are currently providing shared internet access over DSL lines using PPPoE.

How to create a PPPoE connection in Windows XP

You can install the PPPoE client just like you install any other dial-up networking connection. To create a PPPoE client connection, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network and Internet Connections.
  2. Click Network Connections, and then click Create a new connection in the Network Tasks pane.
  3. After the Network Connection Wizard starts, click Next.
  4. Click Connect to the Internet, and then click Next.
  5. Click Set up my connection manually, and then click Next.
  6. Click either Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password or Connect using a broadband connection that is always on.
  7. Type the Internet service provider (ISP) name that your ISP provided, and then click Next.
  8. Type the user name that the ISP provided.
  9. Type the password that the ISP provided.
  10. Type the password one more time to confirm it, and then click Next.
  11. Click Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.
  12. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

MCSE MCSA 70-272 Pass for sure software

MCSE Interview Questions and Answers :-

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Rules to Download and use this software
Dowload Tips

1)Always donate for person who has made this site :-) Kidding
2)Download Winrar as the download file is in winrar
3)While you click this link its will go to the shared site so please register with that site as the site for download is absolute free.
4)After Downloading extract the file with Winrar
5)The Video are in WMV format so use any player and if you don't find any player download VLC players.Its also free of cost.

Download - MCSE MCSA 70-272 Pass for sure software